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Welcome to the website of Kent Hirsch, a class action attorney providing "legal services of the highest caliber". Kent is based in Northwest Arkansas, extending his services nationally on a variety of cases.

Please feel free to browse the website to find out more about Kent's past and current cases.

Current cases

  • Wal-Mart Employment Practice - Multi-District Litigation in Nevada. Class Counsel to Home Office Class. See Recent Settlement.
  • Fowler v. Haz-M.E.R.T. - Shareholder Adversarial Bankruptcy Action Against Hazardous Waste Company
  • Intel Anti-Trust Multi-District Litigation in Delaware - Counsel to Arkansas Plaintiffs
  • Toyota of NWA – Deceptive Trade Practices - Counsel to Plaintiff
  • Simpson Housing – Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Mass Tort - 192-Unit Apartment Complex Class Counsel to Plaintiffs